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May 9, 2017

Theatre Etiquette: getting the most from your surgical rotation

Issue 7 – Volume 4 – May 2017 by Tobias Richards Consider clothing and wear proper protective gear Make sure to wear closed in shoes and always wear a hair cover/cap as a part of the theatre uniform; some scrub nurses may ask you to wear shoe covers which can be found in the change rooms. Beware – some scrub nurses are strict about this and might kick you out for not complying. Also, it is best

May 9, 2017

An interview with Adjunct Associate Professor Shian Chao Tay

Issue 7 – Volume 4 – May 2017 by Mabel Leow What is the most fascinating aspect of hand surgery?  The scope of hand surgery is very broad. As there are multiple tissue types in the hand, hand surgeons are trained to repair and reconstruct all the tissues in the hand. This includes the bone, joint, ligament, tendon, nerve, blood vessels and skin. We are also trained in microsurgery. The scope and variety of hand surgery

April 3, 2017

Witnessing my first surgery

Issue 7 – Volume 3 – April 2017 by Tahnee Bell The day of my first surgical scrub-in held a nostalgia reminiscent of the excitement felt as a child on Christmas Eve. However, the experience was not what I had imagined it being; I was not a fly on the wall shadowing the surgical team, being seen and not heard. Instead I had a hand in an incredibly confronting and memorable experience, one that has provided

April 3, 2017

Plastic Surgery in Burns Reconstruction

Issue 7 – Volume 3 – April 2017 by Nicholas Mattock Few surgical disciplines suffer the burden of patient experience to the same degree as plastic surgery in burns reconstruction. Beyond the immediate and potentially life-threatening implications of burn injury, focus must turn towards functional and aesthetic outcomes – largely the domain of the plastic and reconstructive surgeon. As an exclusively acute presentation, and with a considerable proportion of these individuals being children or young adults,

March 6, 2017

An interview with Dr Elayne Sue Min Ooi

Issue 7 – Volume 2 – March 2017 by Jonathan Tan Motivation and early beginnings   Since my high school days in Malaysia, I was keen on a becoming a doctor. My Christian belief was a strong driving force in selecting an altruistic career to help and make a difference in people’s lives. Having an AUSAid scholarship to study medicine in Australia cemented my pathway to reaching my goals.   Working in developing nations  

March 6, 2017

5 lessons from TV that could make me a better surgeon

Issue 7 – Volume 2 – March 2017 by Chelsea Uy   What can surgical rotations possibly teach you that you can’t learn yourself during a weekend binge-a-thon of Scrubs or House? According to TV, hospitals are full of genetically blessed individuals, every case is an emergency and interns are allowed to perform complicated surgery sans supervision. However there are profound lessons for medical students to learn in even the most dramatic medical TV show

February 3, 2017

Why people choose surgery as a career

Issue 7 – Volume 1 – February 2017 by Rachel Collins    There are many reasons to choose surgery as a career: prestige, high income, even the pressure of expectation from others. All legitimate reasons which research shows are normal for students aspiring to be surgeons. (Baschera 2015) Or if you’re like me, you just couldn’t imagine doing anything else. To you, medicine is surgery. Let me explain. Imagine a packed lecture theatre. This could

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